Men will be men

Once I accompanied my wife to a very big shop Near Mount Road in Chennai, who specialize in selling stones, err! I mean diamonds. While my wife was busy appreciating the beauty of the jewelries studded with stone-ah again, I mean the diamonds-I was familiarizing with the technicalities like carats, cutting of the diamonds, countries of origin of the diamonds, the world trading center Antwerp in Belgium.

Lastly I started asking the prices of each diamond confidently, without sweating or shaking, ready to hear the astronomical prices. After hearing the prices I had a shock & awe effect and it set me thinking about the careers which will make it possible to buy such diamonds happily!

My wife bought a small piece of jewelry without the diamond stone, knowing fully well that I am a LNI, for the uninitiated LNI is Low Net worth Individual as against HNI. I proceeded to pay the small amount at the counter where I saw a person elder to me. I smiled at him but he could not smile back and I saw some sweat drops on him and was surprised as it was a very well air-conditioned shop.

With a corner of my eye I saw the Bill amount he was about to pay, which was Rs 19,95,000 !.So everything fell into place! I remembered this was for the diamond set which I had appreciated and laughed it off after hearing the price. Obviously this man could not laugh it off! If I had given my shoulder in men’s room, may be he would have cried!

Then it struck me that such big shops selling diamond jewelries (and ruining the life of men!) should have a separate men’s room with sofa & a mini bar, to usher in the men after making payment and given a shoulder to cry. If the purchase amount is high they should be allowed to have a quick drink on the house to drown their sorrow! Care should be taken to see that the sales man who has sold the expensive jewelry should not enter men’s room to avert a mayhem!  The shop should be able to recognize the rare breed of men who buy diamonds for their wives and yet be happy, which may be very few in a year phenomenon!

The men’s room concept can also be thought of by the big brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Fendi  etc which sell bags for Rs 24,95,000 upwards.These companies should have a policy of making money with mercy, on men to make the pain bearable after the sale!

Happy shopping!


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