Coffee shop for the young at heart.

My great business idea!

I love to have coffee on impulse. So one day on impulse I entered a coffee shop to get some coffee. I was surprised by the average age of the crowd, which was around 17 years and it shot up to 23 years after I entered, with me almost nearing 60.

Everywhere we- the young at heart- go, we are outnumbered by the bubbly, boisterous youngsters. Then I decided to do something about it and had my eureka moment. I hit upon an idea to start a coffee shop exclusively for the young at heart. (Age being right side of 40 to wrong side of 70!)

But my first problem was how to keep the boisterous youngsters out of my coffee shop. Great idea strikes to me and I realized it is such an easy thing.

Firstly in the coffee shop I will play very melodious songs of all genres. These youngsters who are used to listening to talking songs (hip hop), will feel extremely distressed after listening to the very melodious songs. They may not last more than 2 minutes in my coffee shop.

Next I will make sure that all my employees wear very neatly pressed clothes-both informal & semi-formal-totally avoiding any piece cloth of jeans. The youngsters who feel comfortable around people wearing jeans- faded , not so faded, frequently washed or rarely washed, fashionably torn- will feel extremely distressed and feel they have come to a coffee shop of stone age!

If the above two tricks do not work, and the youngsters stay for more than five minutes, then the final trick will kick in. The jamming device in the coffee shop will be activated as an emergency, which will make the coffee shop free of any signals except the human signals. With cell phones not receiving any signals, within 60 seconds extreme form of distress will set in and the youngsters will run for their signals, which will be out of my coffee shop. They dare not enter my coffee shop for even takeaway (or is it “to go”)?

With youngsters making way for the older people, they can enjoy their coffee chatting to their friends in calm and serene ambiance, listening to melodious music of all genres.

I will name the coffee shop as “Right side of Eighty!”



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